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Finish Strong, Rams!

You're so close! Finals week is approaching, and our team of Academic Success Coordinators (ASCs) is here to cheer you on to the finish line.

Spring Registration

Spring registration began in October. If you haven't met with your ASC to develop a plan for your spring classes yet, you can schedule a meeting by calling 970-491-7095. We are able to meet with you and release your advising code, even if you have holds on your account that prevent you from registering.

Finals Schedule

Don’t forget to check the dates and times of your finals because they may be different from when the course normally meets. Dates and times of finals are listed here. Always refer to your syllabi and ask your instructors or TAs if you are unsure of when and where your finals take place

University Withdrawal Deadline

The last day to withdraw from all of your classes is Friday, December 13. If you anticipate you might earn D's or F's in multiple courses, please contact our office so we can discuss your options. Life happens, and a university withdrawal  can help protect your GPA if you've had a tough semester. Students who select to withdraw from all of their courses are able to return to CSU. For more information about important dates and deadlines at the university, click here.

Dismissal Appeals

If you're currently on probation 2, please connect with your ASC about developing a dismissal appeal together. The deadline to submit a dismissal appeal for fall 2019 is Thursday, January 2 at noon.


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