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Major Tracks

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Review majors with entrance requirements. Includes planning tips for transfer students. 

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If you like the idea of Engineering and design development, we encourage you to view the many majors in the Environmental and Natural Resources or Physical Science and Engineering major track. Talk with your advisor about the best fit for you.

Students interested in engineering should note that the College of Engineering will calculate a GPA based on all higher education records.


  • Incoming freshmen and continuing CSU students must declare by 45 CSU credits.
  • Transfer students must declare by 30 CSU credits.

 Students may declare within the credit limits above and after completing the following requirements. Mechanical Engineering is a capped major. Students should know that the high level of interest & applications, the large number of students pursuing the major, the cap and limited admission all mean there are risks and challenges for students pursuing the major. Students should work with their advisor to discuss their engineering interests and plans for working on requirements.

  • (1) 2.75 cumulative GPA (based on grades from other institutions and CSU). **NOTE: Mechanical Engineering requires 3.0 GPA (beginning FA16).
  • (2) Grades of B or better in both
    • (a) MATH160 (Calculus I) or a higher level and
    • (b) Either CHEM111 (General Chem. I/Lab) *OR* PH141 (Physics) or higher levels.
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA in all math/science/engineering courses.
  • Nothing less than a C in any required math/science course taken prior to admissions into major.


Tip for prospective transfer and second Bachelor’s students: Engineering is one of the most challenging majors in which to gain admission.  Students must be committed to intense study time and dedication. Enjoying the theory behind math and the problem-solving details of math is essential. Completing the Calculus, plus chemistry and/or physics entrance requirements and receiving B grades or better is the most assured way of being admitted to the college. Students may not begin taking Engineering courses until they gain admission into the major.

If you are an incoming first-year or transfer student, please consult the Office of Admissions with questions about how your qualifications match the entrance requirements for Mechanical Engineering.